Loan Process

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  1. Pre-Qualification/issuance of a Proof of funds letter
  2. Discuss loan amount and rate and term
  3. Order appraisal or BPO
  4. UploadRequired Documents
  5. Closing

Pre-qualification starts the loan process. Once you have located a property that you want to invest in, give us a call or go online, submit the address or contract and fill out the application. We can pre-approve you and provide a much needed Proof Of Funds Letter required by most sellers, banks, and Realtors.

This will give you the ability to make a cash offer, be competitive, and help win the bid for the investment property you are seeking to purchase.

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Mortgage Programs and Rates

We offer no income, verification programs, no credit score driven programs, no verification of funds to close. We have interest only short term. We have interest only short term, as well as longer term loans and fully amortized loans, providing the property meets the requirements. Most importantly, NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY or minimum interest like most of our competitors.

We offer cash out, refinance, purchase, construction-rehab loans for all types of properties.


We offer competitive rates based on loan program and term. Our points are 1-2 depending on the loan size. We can do multiple loans with the same customer.

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The Closing is simple and easy. We allow you to use your own title company as long as they are underwritten by a reputable and approved underwriter. Our attorney will review the title and draft the loan documents for closing. The closing can take place once a clear title is issued and any required documents are received.

After the loan is closed and funded, you will receive monthly invoices making the payment process quick and easy to keep track of.

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